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Hier könnt ihr nachlesen, was Mr. Serious eigentlich so von sich gibt.


Klickt einfach hier auf den Songtext, den ihr lesen wollt:

Booze, Alone, The Bug, Dream, Carl Huso, Sundown


a flame burned in our hearts

grew cold and fell apart

all the joy we shared from year to year

slowly disappeared

and i do not miss you

don't miss you anymore


i guess i knew it from the start

this would never last

it came as soon as i thought

we fell into this mess



and i wish it all away

all the lies and all the things i've done wrong

and i try to kill the pain

with lots of booze and this fucking song


until death do us part

a promise far to blind

so please redeem your cup

for i can't be thy wine

those dreams take away my breath

lying awake as i pray for death

and everything has grown so cold

our world is suffering from a total

lack of soul


do you feel sad

when you're lonely

do you feel dead

when skies are grey

you chose to walk away

into an unknown darkness

now you can't be saved


alone you are


your mind lies hidden

under haze and

your world lies broken

beside the needle

how many shots are you

away from pain and missing

there's nothing i could do

to make you listen



alone you are

alone you'll stay

alone you live

alone you'll fade


are you really to blind to see

that just a few nails are missing in your coffin

and do you really think

that someone else will save you from suffering


there's a bug in my bed

looking at me like i know him

his eyes are screaming „help"

but once more i choose not to listen

i grab my pillow and cover his screams


i'm standing in the shower

and i turn around

there he's again, looking at me through the glass door

his eyes full of accusation

i feel his voice in my head

he's telling me his story

but i don't want to understand



we're all tiny bugs in an oversized world

we're dodging footsteps, silently screaming for help

we're running, we're pleading, we're running scared

but no one understands a word


i'm sitting on the floor

just locked the apartment door

on the stairs perceive

rustling steps beside me

no i won't go to work today

nor have dinner with my family

they may be nauseated when they see

who's sitting there on the windowpane


i had a dream of a hidden place far away


streets filled with booze, brothels and cocaine

and all the lovely people came out with the last sunrays

and we drank, we had fun until the morning turned the sky into grey


the clubs were filled and the bands played dirty and hard

soon we all got chilled, fell in trance, while the night got starred

just spilled, soon refilled, did the dance, minds were falling apart

and i woke up in the meadow lands with desire in heart



and all the lovely people came out with the last sunrays

and we drank, we had fun until the morning turned the sky into grey


i watched myself blowing all the money for fugacious joy

and it killed my brain but activated the body, like a wind-up toy

lost control, saturated mind, i got bathed in red, red light

free fall, one toke over the line and i felt raped in mind


what the hell was in that fucking package

i'm drowning in a psycho-active swamp

i try to make it fade, to fuck it all away

suck it out my brain, please make it go away


just spilled, soon refilled, did the dance, minds were falling apart

and i woke up in the meadow land with desire in heart


i'm not a guy you want to

hang around with

cause i am as juicy as a

bag full of shit


i'll try to attract you with

my false grit

and i'll pride myself with

deeds i never did



king of the world

with an account full of dept

got a mouth full of lies

and a mind full of crap


i'm famously known as the

most accomplished

equipped with the backbone

of a jellyfish

there's a stream

it comes rolling down my lips

and it won't stop until you

embrace my hips


no idea when i started covering my life with lies

probably long enough ago for my reality to die


i got bored of wasting time alone

jumped off the philosopher's stone

way down on a place below

i spread over mindfields dry as bone

ooh, down i go, revolution and change

are the seeds i've been sowing

and dust i turn to gold

move your hearts like a king of old



i'm burning away, apace

until sundown

i'm dancing in the baneful rain

until i drown

i'm burning away, apace

until sundown, until sundown

and i descend into my ashen grave

on a fruitful ground


like a fistful of powder in a chinese gun

endurable wisdom of a carpenter's son

a spark beaten from a chert in an age dun

light collector staring at the sun

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